Install Kaspersky Mail Gateway 5.6

This time i will explain how to install mail gateway 5.6 with the following materials :

- Linux Fedora 7, Version 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7
- Webmin webmin-1.570-1.noarch.rpm with the facility via webmin, we can monitor and manage mailgw
- Uninstall Sendmail default

make sure your PC has installed linux fedora already connected to internet

1. Disabled Firewall
2. rpm -i mailgw-5.6-28.i386.rpm

3. /opt/kaspersky/mailgw/lib/bin/setup/postinstall.pl

if you want a custom with the previous version setting type "yes" if not type "no" for this step i would type "no"

typing in full domain that will protect example: example.com

full input domain to the postmaster email address example: example.com

because the email will come from all of ip then

at this step typing the ip and subnet network

input Ip and port mail server example:

typing "yes" active UDS

after activating the UDS the there will be syncing process configuration files and in this step if the connection to the internet using a proxy then the keystrokes like the picture next to if not using a proxy then typing "no"

type "yes" to update mailgw to the internet and type "no", but if the components mailgw before the update to internet then engine will no be running

after a successful updater for more information can be monitored from the Webmin

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